Guida al regalo di Natale perfetto

Guide to the perfect Christmas gift

Here it is, the most magical time of the year has arrived, Christmas is just around the corner and you are still on the high seas with presents!

Every time you think about the perfect gift for that very special person, for mom who loves simple things, the extravagant sister, the fantastic friend, you fall into a crisis.

If you are constantly looking for an original gift, a personalized, thoughful surprise, something that tastes like magic, then this guide is for you!

I have selected some proposals, and I am sure that among these you will be able to find what is right for you!🎄

1. Anastasia's necklace
For nostalgic souls who want to relive the magic of childhood, the collection dedicated to Anastasia is certainly ideal.
A precious jewel, completely handmade with high quality materials and attention to the smallest details.

A romantic thought that will thrill whoever finds this little magic under the tree. Lots of colors and variations to choose from, the favorites of lovers of this immortal fairy tale are the Emerald and Light Emerald colors.
2. Pearls
Pearl jewels are certainly a must and they're a super appreciated gift for all those who want romance, timeless elegance, and a classy touch.

River pearls, with their irregular shapes and soft colors, add uniqueness and preciousness.

In the Secret Garden collection you will find a wide selection of jewels with pearls and more!
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