Dear customer,
my name is Lisa and I am the hands and the face behind

Thank you for stopping here!

My adventure starts 9 years ago, like an hobby and with a great desire to test myself.

Today it is my work, my safe harbor, my oasis of joy.nI mean, I love creating and I put all my deepest love, care and heart in each piece I make.

When I've chosen my brand's name I thought about the powerful, immense desire all people have to dream and see the world with the eyes of the child hidden in all of us.

This is why each piece I make has the taste of a distant memory, of the childhood, of the joy of the little things, everything seen through a veil of magic and astonishment.

My inspirations are the fairytales of my childhood, my deep love for book, art and archaeology, cinema and tv series, mostly period dramas and fantasy.

For my jewelry I use high quality materials and components: bronze, stainless steel, gold filled brass, pewter. With few attentions (click HERE for jewelry care instructions) your jewel will last forever.

My mission?

I'd like to give you joy and genuine emotions, this is why I personally take care of each aspect of my work, from jewelry making to shipment.

Your satisfaction and happiness represent for me the motivation to go on, again and again.

What I have to say is a simple, true

THANK YOU, with all my heart.